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Peak bagging in Pine Valley   -   11.02.2014

Over a year ago Josh and I ventured into Pine Valley to bag Geryon South and The Acropolis. Our trip started with all ferries cancelled for the day (poor boat driver suffered a heart attack - he survived, thankfully) so we added an extra 18 km to get around Lake St Clair. It seemed a little annoying at the time (don't get me wrong, the lake walk is lovely…the first few times you do it) but we found this adorable little orphan, which made it all worth while.

We spent the first night at a lovely spot beside the Narcissus River with a rather large resident tiger snake then moved shop to the Geryon South campground the following morning. The summit attempt was uneventful, if you don't count the bit where we were lost for 3 h (reading the guide book helps to avoid this for all you would-be Geryon South hikers out there).

View to Lake St Clair from Geryon South

The Acropolis

Josh waiting to spot me on the dodgy part of the descent

The following day we slept in late, broke camp around 1400 h, dropped our gear at Pine Valley Hut and bagged The Acropolis.

Nice view of Geryon

Nice sunset back at Pine Valley helipad

On the way back to the ferry we found this little possum hiding in a gum tree stump.

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