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A mission to Frenchman's Cap   -   11.01.2014

About a year ago (yes, I'm behind on my blogging) Nick, Dedge and I set out to hike up Frenchman's Cap, Sharland Peak and Clytemnestra in Southwest Tassie. Since I didn't write in my journal and it was so long ago I won't try to narrate the long-forgotten story here. Instead please enjoy some of the photos I took.

Wild orchid found while scrub bashing up Sharland Peak.

Dedge resting on the summit of Sharland Peak.

Our first good look at Frenchman's Cap.

Sunrise on Frenchman's Cap.

Nick's legendary high kick.

Dedge's infamous hand stand.

Nick looking for a safe way down Frenchman's to Clytemnestra.

Dedge on a ledge.

Look at the size of that cushion plant colony!!!

How many blow flies can you count in this picture?

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