Last year Dedge came to Tassie for 2.5 weeks to do some walking. We started with Frenchman's Cap, then he did the Overland Track a day ahead of me on one of my guiding trips and we wrapped it up with a hike around the Mt Anne circuit.


Over a year ago Josh and I ventured into Pine Valley to bag Geryon South and The Acropolis. Our trip started with all ferries cancelled for the day (poor boat driver suffered a heart attack - he survived, thankfully) so we added an extra 18 km to get around Lake St Clair.


About a year ago (yes, I'm behind on my blogging) Nick, Dedge and I set out to hike up Frenchman's Cap, Sharland Peak and Clytemnestra in Southwest Tassie. Since I didn't write in my journal and it was so long ago I won't try to narrate the long-forgotten story here. Instead please enjoy some of the photos I took.


The following are photos taken from my new office, in order of what you would see when walking north to south as you have to during the booking season. I hope you enjoy the view as much as I do.


In September of this year I moved to Tasmania to pursue a full-time job guiding on the Overland Track. Though I’ll post another blog and heaps of photos from that area I thought I’d share with you now some of the photos from personal trips I’ve done since arriving here in Tassie.


This January John and I drove straight for 34 h to Nevada, only stopping for fuel and bladder relief, for 2 weeks of climbing. Due to a painful sinus infection I was useless so, thankfully, John consumed 2x the lethal dose of Redbull and did most of the driving while I snored/drooled on the centre console.


Nothing terribly exciting happened after leaving Wilson’s Prom. Grant was kind enough to put us up for a while and drive us west to the Great Ocean Road so Dad could see the Twelve Apostles in a gale. On the way we made the obligatory stop at Kennet River to see some koalas. Fortunately for Dad one walked straight by us and carried on up into a short tree low enough for photos and harassing.


During my last visit to Australia I spent roughly 3 weeks in Victoria catching up with old friends, climbing, hiking and showing my Dad around. My first adventure out of Melbourne took me to Mt Arapiles to climb with Geoff and my girlfriend Sophie, a lovely Welsh girl that I met in Spain last year.


By popular demand (read: nagging from my Dad) I’m going to step out of order in my Australian adventures and post photos from the part where my Dad and brother came over for a week in the Red Centre.


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Between guiding trips on the Overland, Shelly (a fellow guide) and I travelled to southwest Tasmania for an ascent of Federation Peak. Originally we planned to walk in and out from Scott’s Peak over 8 days but Shelly was called into work at the last minute and only had 5 days to spare. Thus, we were forced to go in and out from Farmhouse Creek. Having only read the notes from John Chapman, a notorious sandbagger, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Other than the lack of views it sounded alright.


I recently returned home from 8 weeks in Australia. I journeyed to the other side of our fine planet for 2 reasons. Firstly, Cradle Huts offered me a job as a guide for next season and I wanted to know if it would be worth giving up my teaching position at WLU. Secondly, I desperately needed to catch up with my friends in Melbourne (that, and it had been far too long since I climbed at Arapiles).

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